Little Demons

Little demon sprites came over to play wearing friendly faced masks in light of day As darkness fell, their guises discarded They tugged harder at me as I grew disheartened Dimmer the light, no moon in the sky Crying for help, now afraid and blind Demons pulled my dress, my hair ties Shimmer and shine,…

Wonderous Rain

The rain Washes Tension away Fills The flowers Instant showers For fairy Renewal

No Excuses Writing

There are six common excuses writers tell themselves for not writing. This book explores the roots of these excuses and gives tips on how to overcome them.

Variety of Shorts (from Ficlets and Ficly)

Variety of Shorts Collection of microfiction writing (some more than 1,024 characters spanning a couple microfics) from 2008 to 2010. Descriptive scenes, comedic moments, heartbreak, and friendship stories will move you to laugh, cry and wonder. Excerpt: The bicycle lay on its side, rust showing through red. From the mud caked on the fender to…

Fairy Queen

The fairy queenTakes her true formFireflies bowShe hears the wishes madeAt the full moonUnder tree’s boughPower unfurlsHer wings to full gloryHummingbirds stillShe grants the wishesAs seeds to plantGrowing until next moon’s fill Art “Enhanted Evening” by Seb McKinnon


Most disdainsycophantsUnless they’re sucking up to you I must admitThere is some comfort inbeing sucked up to But I disdainmyself whenI want to be flattered, too. Fame is fleetingIt only bringsFriends untrue

Rural Choice

I’m a #farm girl In white rural America Never saw a colored person Until I was a teen Never knew I was part of the issue The racism that leads to Insatiable wrath Until adulthood Where I got to choose love

Littoral Tides

Behind ebony dark eyelids Capricious dreams play out Nothing in the archive From origin until now Says she’d be more than normal Yet strong desires wash in On littoral tides

Extra You

I would go the extra mile Say things seeking your compliments I would spend the extra while Drop everything to talk to you You didn’t reciprocate the extra Leaving me in silent agony You didn’t put any extra you Into being extra for me