Haitus Cocoon

I took a LOOOOOONG hiatus. I guess I needed it, though I feel like I wasted all this time by being away when I could have been writing and improving. I needed to get in a better emotional space. I wasn't depressed, nor anxious. But I wasn't myself. I was still wrestling with the same... Continue Reading →

Who are your Readers?

Who are your readers? This question has plagued me as a writer. First, it asks me to define my writing by a narrower scope than genre. I'm not just writing another YA fantasy, or Adult epic Sci-Fi, or a Middle Grade Adventure. I'm writing a multidimensional transcendent piece that defies all norms! My book baby... Continue Reading →

Change of Focus

Self-destructive At my core bomb explodes viscera, gore Seek new drive laser focus to survive sole locus Stop visions self-destruction replace image self-seduction

Shot in the Arm

I saw the gunpowder tilted into the barrel I saw the bullet packed I saw the hammer cocked with thumb I saw the barrel leveled What I failed to grasp was I could heal I saw nothing changed I saw the eyes who pulled the shot I saw hurt forgiven

Daily Spoonfuls of Sugar

I have a blog where I post little tips to happiness called Daily Spoonfuls of Sugar: Small Ways to Feel Happier. I usually post several times a year, but I have quite a collection of inspirational little tidbits from over the years. Check it out.

Self-Discipline for 2022

Maybe you're like me and feel like 2021 is unfinished. I can list things that never were accomplished from work tasks, to crafts, to books, to ways I could have used my time better. I don't want to leave this year full of regrets, but I am. In facing that truth, it forces me to... Continue Reading →

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