Who are your Readers?

Who are your readers? This question has plagued me as a writer. First, it asks me to define my writing by a narrower scope than genre. I’m not just writing another YA fantasy, or Adult epic Sci-Fi, or a Middle Grade Adventure. I’m writing a multidimensional transcendent piece that defies all norms! My book baby…

Change of Focus

Self-destructive At my core bomb explodes viscera, gore Seek new drive laser focus to survive sole locus Stop visions self-destruction replace image self-seduction

Shot in the Arm

I saw the gunpowder tilted into the barrel I saw the bullet packed I saw the hammer cocked with thumb I saw the barrel leveled What I failed to grasp was I could heal I saw nothing changed I saw the eyes who pulled the shot I saw hurt forgiven

Watering the Seeds to Grow Your Ideas

My actual garden in June 2016. (It needs watered.) What does this have to do with writing? All writers get seed ideas. We sometimes plant them by jotting them down. (If you don’t have a notebook where you jot down ideas, get one!) But they will never grow if we don’t work on them. Aha….

Daily Spoonfuls of Sugar

I have a blog where I post little tips to happiness called Daily Spoonfuls of Sugar: Small Ways to Feel Happier. I usually post several times a year, but I have quite a collection of inspirational little tidbits from over the years. Check it out.

Self-Discipline for 2022

Maybe you’re like me and feel like 2021 is unfinished. I can list things that never were accomplished from work tasks, to crafts, to books, to ways I could have used my time better. I don’t want to leave this year full of regrets, but I am. In facing that truth, it forces me to…

I’m Adding #Autism into the Mix

As a writer in my spare time I’ve been pretty quiet about my day job. But I’ve come to realize I’m a Jill of all trades and teaching students with special needs, those that can’t hack it in a full day in the normal educational system, is part of me.  Over half of my class…

Honest Funk – Being Funking Honest

I’ve been in a huge funk. It’s affected every aspect of my life. I’ve been coming out of it since the school year started and forced me into a regular schedule. Wake up, go to work, work until mentally exhausted, deal with all the special needs as they arise, act professional, do paperwork, plan for…