The Place Between Asleep and Awake

In the darkness I dreamed of you
Your presence upon my shoulders like a mantle
Comforting and warm, sitting near

When I woke you were not there
The loss of the soft friendship shawl
Left cold in the depths of my soul

I wondered what you were doing this day
Were you sleeping in, head buried under the covers
Or were you waking and stumbling like me

In the mirror I saw a blurry scene
Like drowning in a pool of smoke and ashes
The me reflected felt unworthy of your love

So I brushed the dreams away
Washed them down the drain with my shampoo bubbles
But I couldn’t help thinking of you all day

Would your real presence be like my dream?
Your voice as smooth and your eyes as full of me?
Life is only perfect in the place between asleep and awake

Not Myself

Don’t know what happened
Woke up one day
Not myself

Didn’t take a different form
Still my body
Just not me

Inside I felt all wrong
Didn’t talk or act

Realized I missed you
You made me hollow
Deep inside

I wasn’t worried or scared
You’re still my friend
In my heart

But I didn’t smile
Or enjoy life
Without you

I wish you’d come back
Make it all right
Don’t know when

So I can feel happiness
Experience joy
Have peace again

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