Her eyes met Cain’s, golden hued from amber rings to buttercup yellow at the pupils. Those eyes were the most intoxicating weapons ever used on a man. A Pixie’s eyes.
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Do you find your writing derailed by excuse after excuse? This workbook can help you write your way back into business.There are six common excuses writers tell themselves for not writing. This book explores the roots of these excuses and gives tips on how to overcome them.

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Daily Spoonfuls of Sugar

I have a blog where I post little tips to happiness called Daily Spoonfuls of Sugar: Small Ways to Feel Happier. I usually post several times a year, but I have quite a collection of inspirational little tidbits from over the years. Check it out.

Self-Discipline for 2022

Maybe you’re like me and feel like 2021 is unfinished. I can list things that never were accomplished from work tasks, to crafts, to books, to ways I could have used my time better. I don’t want to leave this year full of regrets, but I am. In facing that truth, it forces me to…


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Her writing, whether sad or joyful is as powerful as anybody’s but with a heartwarming factor that puts a smile on your face even in the most troubled times. I’m not sure how she pulls that off but perhaps because there is a purity in her writing that can’t help but resonate with every reader.  – @Neelt2001

Need an honest Beta Reader with a proven track record?

“You were so quick to turnaround 5 chapters – close to 50 pages almost. You provided basically a comment on each page, identifying a passage or line that was confusing, redundant, or could otherwise be improved. To me, that showed more than just a reader’s perspective but also an editor’s. You would comment on fixes I should have worked through already, like writing ‘you’ instead of ‘your’ or removing an extra comma, and you also noted your reactions at various points throughout which is great to help me understand how the reader might react. – Shannon @TheWriteRambler

390 Writing Quotes And Tips By The Best Writers Of All Time
A writer is a conscious dreamer.
Words are an inexhaustible magic.