Resource for Twitter Hashtag Games

If you are new to writing prompt hashtag games on Twitter, this is the guide for you!

Many hashtag prompts come with rules; some are poetry, haiku, or prose, while some have a daily word you must use in the piece. Some are lawless and rule-less, but may only happen once a week.

Search for the hashtag to find out what daily word everyone is using, or search for the Twitter @ handle of the creator of the hashtag to see what the day’s word is.

Also, please follow hashtag etiquette and don’t use the prompt hashtags to promote your books to a wider audience. There’re other tags for that.

Daily (and weekly) Twitter Writing Prompts

#VSS365 has its own page Because this hashtag is so HUGELY popular and has a different host every month, it’s hard to find the word of the day. Sometimes people are still using old words. Don’t get stuck in the past. Check here.

Pitching Contests – Read the Rules Before Participating

#PitMad – (By Brenda Drake)

#RevPit – chance to win 8 weeks of editing of your full manuscript. Your manuscript should be polished and beta-reader tested before submission. Only one submission per entrant.

#SFFPit –

#Pitdark –

Other Writing Hashtags