Crazy Jimmy’s Friend

My legs burned, my side ached, my mouth was dry and still they chased me. “You’ll only make it worse,” my mother had chided, “if you run.” I should have listened to her, but here I was, making it worse. The cemetery was up ahead, I bolted through the open archway and vaulted three headstones.... Continue Reading →


Big moment. Big, big moment. You can do this. You are ready for this. You’ve been preparing for this moment for years. You know what to say, what to do, just do it and don’t mess up. Be yourself, be your very awesome self, they will love you and you’ll succeed. Nothing to be nervous... Continue Reading →


This was the same club where we met. The DJ then was a chubby dude that wore heaps of fake gold chains. He jammed with one earphone on his head, his rings glinting in the disco lights as he made the famous screeching record sound. He spun tracks that kept you dizzy for hours, if... Continue Reading →


“What do you think they are doing with us?” Little Tessa’s voice shook even in a whisper as she looked up at her elderly companion. “Well, back when my grandfather was alive, he used to work in a mine. It went deep underground and many passages were no bigger than you.” He took the time... Continue Reading →

Dark and Sexy Piece titled “Beg”

The way the pale moonlight illuminated her skin made me shiver. She was dating my best friend, this was wrong. The dark lacy underwear covered just enough to give my imagination something to do. She moved with fluid grace and when I looked at her eyes, the steadiness of their steel blue gaze was both... Continue Reading →


I heard a knock. I could sense who was standing on the other side. I just knew, it had to be him. He was the only person I wanted to see most in the whole world, and also the only person whom I dreaded seeing. When we last talked, it was as if there was... Continue Reading →

Peace Within Chaos

The wind whipped ferociously at the siding, thumping the pieces against the house as each one strained to hold on. Sirens continued to blare somewhere outside, but from inside the bathtub, we couldn’t hear them. Huddled together, my sister and I, pale faces, big eyes, cold hands, we listened to the howling wind grow stronger.... Continue Reading →

Ficly: Nursery Rhyme Truth

From April 2010: Jack Sprat could eat no fat His wife could eat no lean And so betwixt the two of them They licked the platter clean A nursery rhyme, silly at first glance, but depicting perfect teamwork. In harmony, this couple is satisfied by each eating the portion of the food they like. It’s... Continue Reading →

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