Her Eyes Flutter Open

Originally written Sept 6, 2008 A Ficlet based on a picture challenge: Picture is of a lady's blue eye Her Eyes Flutter Open (400 Ficlets challenge) I held her hand. She was sleeping, or so it seemed. She had been sleeping a long time. I thought about the last day she was awake. It had... Continue Reading →

Death of a Muse

Detective Hawk reached a gloved hand to the light switch. In the moment before the room was bathed in light, she braced herself for a scene of unknowable atrocity. It was not difficult to kill a muse, they are quite delicate, but at times the results can be quite macabre. click She squinted. Stark reality... Continue Reading →


Taken. That’s what I should have been named. I was everyone’s alibi and no one’s friend. I was used, abused, and thrown out like an empty milk carton. My face was the picture on the side, black and white and fake smiling. I slid to the floor, my back against the peeling wallpaper, breathing in... Continue Reading →

Dark Fiction

"They chose a perfect night. The moon was new and practically non-existent as 7 boys sat noisily around the fire, a beacon in the forest to all hunters that food was there, plump, juicy and night-blind. One was speaking and his guttural enunciations wove a spell over the boys. Their eyes got wide, their bodies... Continue Reading →

Time Machine

After months of walking, surviving, fighting off beasts, eating only things I saw other creatures eating, and building a hut and a fire, I have given up hope that humankind survived. Putting together a rough signal transmitter from the parts in my time machine, I wait here, the latitude and longitude beeping out endlessly into... Continue Reading →

Storm of Despondency

I sat in the sand, alone. My hair lashed out behind, whipped in the fierce wind that drove the dark, heavy clouds in and the tourists away. Squinting my eyes that were already scratchy from the drying tears upon my cheeks, I hardly noticed the stinging sand upon my skin. Hollow, that's how my stomach... Continue Reading →

Rust Red

The bicycle lay on its side, rust showing through red. It had seen rough usage in its lifetime, but nothing like this. From the mud caked on the fender to the tires bare of any tread in the middle, none of it spoke the real story. Laying on its side, the handlebars, one pedal, and... Continue Reading →

Tortured Soul

Shattered soul shards melt into a dark primordial ooze, from whence they first came, slowly sliding together like mercury to seek life anew. A pathetic, desolate body the consistency of boiled pasta winces as the soul begins to fill the space inside. It is not a pleasant experience for either of them. The body is... Continue Reading →

I Am Tinkerbell

I dialed the phone. “Hello?” his slightly sleepy voice inquired. “Hey,” I simply replied. “Who is this?” “It’s your god-wife, you know, the nagging angel that sits on your shoulder that you ignore.” “Oh, hi. It’s like 7:30 AM, what are you calling this early for?” “I just sat down to watch Peter Pan with... Continue Reading →

Found It

“We shouldn’t be poking around in here! It’s a brain, Walter.” I complain as I step over another pile of discarded memories. “I found it!” he exclaims from some far off corner. “Found what?” I shake something like a spider web from my arm. “The key!” I hear him getting closer, jogging past me with... Continue Reading →

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