The robot lacked compassion The demon lacked hope The angel lacked deviance The alien lacked scope I tried so many kinds and times To get inside their heads Never found a friend Who felt what I left unsaid


If I could invent A way to spring into your arms Without an armada after me Pitchforks and torches I would stop time To spend time Talking and taking in the essence Of you It needn’t be more than intimate Smiles and hugs

Mirror My Soul

Crane my neck To hear the soft music The dulcet tones of your voice I could listen to forever Yet when you mirror my soul I see all my flaws clearly Periwinkle tears flow And I turn from your face

Saturn Assassin

Sipping club soda Afloat in a diner Beyond the orbit Of Saturn’s rings Reflecting on Cruiser crash Outside docking bay Six henchmen died Making herself known To the space cartel Before breakfast

Time-Space Travelers

Each jump through time and space He left a message for me. Once by telegraph Twice in treble clef But my memory is rusty Now we’ve hoarded Truths from the past Ready for destiny

Claw Machine

Quarters in the claw machine He tries to rescue a tangerine flamingo from the pile His heart is sweetly pure Mine is ridged, smoky ochre Grain of wooden desktop I unroll a dollar for him

Ode to Blazing Saddles

Someone strummed Their guitar Around the campfire Someone cracked a joke about eating beans No originality But these people Are my people And I wouldn’t trade them For the world

Black Eye

Plum colored bruise Swelled around her eye In lantern light “Don’t” she said My anger baked But I let it slide We sipped tea And discussed sunglasses But I’d rather fight


A dozen stitches Chimera formed A juggernaut to face my fears It turns around It has my face Fear faces me Wrestling it is no easy feat This is no dream The demon I created was to defeat me.

Not Myself

Don’t know what happenedWoke up one dayNot myself Didn’t take a different formStill my bodyJust not me Inside I felt all wrongDidn’t talk or actNormally Realized I missed youYou made me hollowDeep inside I wasn’t worried or scaredYou’re still my friendIn my heart But I didn’t smileOr enjoy lifeWithout you I wish you’d come backMake…