Change of Focus

Self-destructive At my core bomb explodes viscera, gore Seek new drive laser focus to survive sole locus Stop visions self-destruction replace image self-seduction

Shot in the Arm

I saw the gunpowder tilted into the barrel I saw the bullet packed I saw the hammer cocked with thumb I saw the barrel leveled What I failed to grasp was I could heal I saw nothing changed I saw the eyes who pulled the shot I saw hurt forgiven

Friends Again

#vss365 #shoddy #Bravewrite #syzygy #vsspoem #seal 2/17/21 Jagged seal puckered edge stitches black skin syzygy forced together shoddy sewing hasty surgeon tender, swollen Exercise get up and walk walk it off forget the past heal use time and distance shake it off Friends?


"Echo!" called the fairy "Who?" asked the owl "Shh listen," said the fairy "Echo," said the owl "Hear it?" asked the fairy "That was me," said the owl "No, the whisper," said the fairy "Hmph," said the owl "Wishes," said the wind The fairy blew dust The wind carried it off The wish was granted... Continue Reading →

Death of Sprites

The sun rose on cold Autumn day surprising busy sprites Their ugly faces and mischievous glances belied their devilish delights For they did not trick nor steal, nor tamper but wrongs they put to right Targeted by evil fairies caught one by one in traps the world grew more polluted as they died wonder and... Continue Reading →

Scrying on Friends

Through the enchanted flower I watched my friends' lives from afar Twas safer for me to be alone, though To not have them near left a big scar Watching them fail or succeed at life brought many tears to my eyes Only the tiny fairies saw the depth of my love and heard my sighs

Fairy of Dragon’s Cave

The fairy of the dragon's cave Had naught but fish to talk to Never minding danger near for the beast slept the years through Her task to sing the dragon back to sleep if ever it should wake Practicing on koi and carp For freedom did she ache Tiny trips to rejuvenate under full moon... Continue Reading →

A Lesson in Brevity

A Rehearsal in Fairy land by Richard Doyle Young fairy princess barely can fly sings to the birds who gather close by Delighted, she timbres trills, and warbles the birds stop eating closed beaks and bills Nestlings starve their parents entranced young princess learns price of her gift to enchant Power and responsibility like harmony... Continue Reading →

Little Demons

Little demon sprites came over to play wearing friendly faced masks in light of day As darkness fell, their guises discarded They tugged harder at me as I grew disheartened Dimmer the light, no moon in the sky Crying for help, now afraid and blind Demons pulled my dress, my hair ties Shimmer and shine,... Continue Reading →

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