Grammar Nazis!! A Confession

  I have a confession to make: I will not share/repost anything that has bad grammar. It could be the best sentiment, the cutest picture, or something I feel strongly about, but if it has misspellings, errant capital letters, or poor grammar and syntax, it's not going on my wall. My wall is relatively silent... Continue Reading →

Critique Circle

I wanted to take a moment to talk up a great website called Critique Circle. It's where authors submit their works in progress for review and critique. In order to submit you have to critique other works. This site is monitored for trolls, those that don't play by the rules. I have not had any... Continue Reading →

Two Views on Editing

Grammar IS important, so we can understand it, but in the first draft write what your heart has inside and go back and edit it later. The heart of a writer beats with Story. The mark of a good Storyteller is being able to embellish it and polish it to an entrancing tale. We've been... Continue Reading →

Simplest Editing Technique EVER!

Read Your Stories Aloud This is particularly helpful for dialogue as J.L. Stratton points out in his blog post. Not only does he give us the ultimate facepalm with his simple revelation that reading dialogue aloud the way it's meant to be heard is great editing strategy, but he also reminds us that there are... Continue Reading →

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