Tips from Picture Books: Character Obstacles

Some authors like to make in-depth character description sheets. Here’s how you can use them! If you need more obstacles and conflict in your story, present your characters with their disliked items. Have their hobbies and interests fail them. We often think that adding obstacles to our stories means outside influences. Don’t forget to look…

New Self-Help Guide

UPDATE: I pulled the guide from smashwords because the formatting had too many errors. I am releasing it on Amazon in paperback, because it looks nice there. It’s full color, but not full 8X11. It’s a smaller size pocket guide. Are you a writer who gives yourself excuse after excuse for not finishing that story…

Tips From Picture Books: Character Arc and POV

Using the picture book Fish is Fish by Leo Lionni I examine character arc and how it’s okay to backtrack and to allow your character to fail. I also look at character POV and using that to surprise the reader when things aren’t the way the MC imagined.

The Art of Procrastination

What are the biggest time consumers for you? My workspace is a mess, so it’s definitely not workspace rearrangement for me! I think my top two are waiting for inspiration and utilizing social media. I run several websites, social media accounts or pages, and pages begging for tips. Once a book is ready, I will…

Tips From Picture Books: Building Tension

Set rules and break them, but before you do, have your reader on the edge of their seat, knowing the rules will be broken and waiting to see the fallout when it happens.