What’s ElshaHawk doing on Discord, Patreon, Ko-Fi, and, okay, not Etsy

I’ve been really creative this month, inspiration and motivation have been all around.

Coming out of a creative block, I have begun to enter contests and start getting hyped up for NanoWrimo, which always gets me writing. I will share bits of my Nano story on Discord and Patreon.

Speaking of Discord… I created a Discord channel to tie into my Patreon. You do not have to be a Patron to join my Discord channel. Becoming a Patron gives you access to one to three (depends on level) extra forum rooms where we can discuss your creative works in more depth. If you just want to talk general writing tips and try some writing challenges or share some poetry, you can hang out for free in The Hawk’s Nest. https://discord.gg/QCe7CyHS

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Which brings me to Patreon. I do cross-post blogs from here, my website, works on Twitter, and promote my Discord, but I also use Patreon to post sneak peeks of my works in progress. I’ve been writing, trying to wrap up some stories officially. Finished works are posted here on my website with links to Amazon or wherever they are sold but in order to get in on the creation of these works you need to follow along with me on Patreon. Becoming a Patron is a monthly commitment. You can cancel any time, but this is a recurring payment membership deal.

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ElshaHawk.com – In addition to links to finished works, this website will also host some new videos as I seek out new writing tips to share. I’m in the editing phase and I have zero editing videos, so I will be working on these.

Ko-Fi is for small or one-time things. It’s not a commitment like Patreon. I was going to use it for beta reading or art, but it’s not sustainable at this time. So I’m using it to help pay for the upkeep of this website. I’ve been sharing little poems and such. It’s far less active than Twitter.

And lastly, I’ve been very creative in painting. I have made some pictures and a set of coasters I’d like to try to sell on Etsy. But after looking into it, Art Pal or Shopify might be better.

I feel like the Tortoise, just plodding along, trying to keep even a slow pace, one step at a time.

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