I changed my tagline to include Beta Reading and took out Mental Health.

Don’t get me wrong, Mental Health is huge for me. It impacts everyone. I evaluated my page with a critical eye and saw that I didn’t post much with the topic. I integrate it into my poetry, for sure, and I am positive most of the time in my posts, encouraging, supporting, but I don’t have specific topics I address.

I’m a writer.

I’ve been dealing with my own emotional and mental stresses since February and have not been writing ANYTHING. Not a Tweet, not a blog, not editing a story. I lacked motivation and I lacked energy.

I’m making a comeback.

One of the ways I’m doing this is by focusing this webpage on writing. I want it to be a place for resources. I want it to be a place for connection. I want it to reflect me and still be professional, impactful, and motivational. This webpage is a tool. I need to use it to work for me.

I’m looking at myself and my webpage with focused attention to goals.

You might see some changes in the future. Overall, I’m happy with it, but as I grow, this tool will grow and change with me. I hit a milestone birthday this year and my life is half behind me. I’m thinking about what I want to the second half to look like. Who do I want around me for advice? Who do I think I can help? How do I reach them? If you have ideas, either comment, send me an email, or go to my Discord page.

What ways do you connect with your audience? How do you focus yourself and motivate yourself to write?

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