Variety of Shorts (from Ficlets and Ficly)

Variety of Shorts

Collection of microfiction writing (some more than 1,024 characters spanning a couple microfics) from 2008 to 2010. Descriptive scenes, comedic moments, heartbreak, and friendship stories will move you to laugh, cry and wonder.


The bicycle lay on its side, rust showing through red. From the mud caked on the fender to the tires bare of any tread in the middle, none of it spoke the real story. It had seen rough usage in its lifetime, but nothing like this.

Laying on its side, the handlebars, one pedal, and seat propping it up; a tripod of abandonment, the bicycle’s rear wheel defiantly balanced diagonally in the air, slowly spinning. A bent rim threw off the wheel’s inertia. Gravity pulled the bend down, but the broken frame wobbled and brought the bend spinning back around. Endlessly cycling, the ghost of a good long ride screeched a long metallic howl forlornly to the breeze.

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