Grammar Nazis!! A Confession


I have a confession to make:

I will not share/repost anything that has bad grammar. It could be the best sentiment, the cutest picture, or something I feel strongly about, but if it has misspellings, errant capital letters, or poor grammar and syntax, it’s not going on my wall.

My wall is relatively silent on those days.

Some people need a brush-up on their grammar!

For example, Dollar General stores all over have these horrifically bad signs posted out in front of every one: 



I did post this on my wall. It nearly makes me NOT want to shop there. 


And WHY is the word ‘our’ in quotation marks???? You are being selective about who gets to be included in your community?? Does Dollar General now have bouncers at the doors, or membership cards to get in??

This sign is all kinds of terrible.

Send me some signs that make you cringe.


Here’s a good grammar resource:

Top 10 Grammar Myths by Grammar Girl

I enjoyed this article and feel it needs mentioning as it is still relevant 5 years later.

Note, the dictionary just added irregardless as a synonym to regardless, which is WRONG, but now accepted.


Please use correct grammar. Impress me.

I dare you.


In other Grammar news, my own first drafts are littered with commas. They are EVERYWHERE! When I edit, I have to cut out so many commas, were they really falling to the floor around me, it would look like a haircut.

But better to have commas, than to not!

Commas, semicolons, colons, and dashes are a pain sometimes. There are often multiple ways they can be used and still be correct.

Here is a guide for those:

Lastly, if you see poor grammar, the natural thing to assume is that is comes from a non-native speaker of the language or a bot. The grammar nazi in me wants to think negatively – that their poor grammar is a result of a scammer or an untrustworthy person. However, remaining open and swallowing that judgement has led to helping others learn and develop better language and writing habits.

The true confession here is in being a grammar snob and learning to be a grammar teacher. I have my grammar faults, too.

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