New Self-Help Guide

UPDATE: I pulled the guide from smashwords because the formatting had too many errors. I am releasing it on Amazon in paperback, because it looks nice there. It’s full color, but not full 8X11. It’s a smaller size pocket guide.

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Are you a writer who gives yourself excuse after excuse for not finishing that story inside you?

You are not alone.

Everyone needs handy tips. Everyone is faced with these 6 excuses at one point or another.

Break the cycle of negative self-talk with this ‘No Excuses Writing’ Guide.

I printed out a copy for myself and realized without a space to write in it, it wasn’t valuable to me.

Adding in lines to write on, guidance, and action steps, it became a more useful tool.

Write down ways to conquer your excuses following my tips, jot down notes from your muse, and more.

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UK –

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