The Art of Procrastination

What are the biggest time consumers for you?

My workspace is a mess, so it’s definitely not workspace rearrangement for me!

I think my top two are waiting for inspiration and utilizing social media. I run several websites, social media accounts or pages, and pages begging for tips. Once a book is ready, I will post it on smashwords, Amazon, Goodreads, Reedsy, Bookbub, or wherever I can get reviews and make sales. Those links will get sent out to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and even YouTube. Social Media is a marketing tool, but not a writing tool.

That brings me to waiting for inspiration. I really shouldn’t, and neither should you. Set yourself up for success by writing a cliffhanger into the end of your day’s work so when you come back to it the next day, you are excited to see where your characters lead you, or excited to write the next scene.

Start a series on Twitter with the hashtag of the day (there are lots of hashtag games: ) to choose from. Follow one and write one tweet a day. I did once and it ended up turning into a short story I’ve added into the space opera for Hawk and Young.

Again, what are the biggest time wasters for you? Leave me a comment below.

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