Accolades from @Neelt2001

I am beyond honored to be mentioned on Neel’s post this week as an author he admires.

He says:

Elsha Hawk: Across various platforms of social media, there are some wonderful pieces of literature that paint a picture of the dark times of life. Admittedly, as fantastically written as those pieces are, they can get a bit heavy-handed to read after some time. That’s where Elsha’s writing comes in as the perfect balance. Her writing, whether sad or joyful is as powerful as anybody’s but with a heartwarming factor that puts a smile on your face even in the most troubled times. I’m not sure how she pulls that off but perhaps because there is a purity in her writing that can’t help but resonate with every reader. One of the other qualities I’ve admired about her is her unconventional route to reach a mass readership via her sci-fi series (co-written with Eddie-Joe Young). It’s one thing to promote poetry or short stories online but showcase a long and successful series is a whole different ball game. Follow Elsha’s writing on Twitter @ElshaHawk, on and on

It’s such a wonderful feeling to be praised. I may not always see what other humble authors are doing, but I think I need to make a point to connect more – to read blogs, to comment, to try to make and keep new friends.

Pay Friendship Forward

Don’t look back.

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