Writing Inspiration

Remember, you are the master of inspiration, not its slave.

Do something every day that sparks creativity.

I find it interesting that if money were no barrier and people didn’t have to work for money to live, they would pursue creative outlets, hobbies, and even charitable exploits.

“I’d start a band.”

“I’d paint more.”

“I’d help the homeless.”

“I’d go to Africa and help people get water.”

That’s the type of things I’ve heard people say when asked what they would do if money were no object.

Art and creativity takes a back burner in our lives.

We expend our energy on working to survive. Creativity is pushed aside so naturally, we forget how to inspire ourselves. Look at how popular Pinterest boards are, how we live vicariously through others via Instagram, or how we save up for vacations to get away.

Try to find inspiration in the every day. Write small. Write about a tiny detail of your life that may seem boring to you. To someone else, it might be an adventure.

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