Writing Resolutions

1. Finish what You start

I have way too many little starts. Little starts are good. But finishing a story feels soooo good. I also have starts on editing multiple projects. Those need finished.

If you have little starts, prompts, a character talking to you in your head, a vivid dream, write it down. Flesh it out with setting, more characters, motives, and a problem or two.

Then write it. 500 words a day, if you can. Less, more, some words a day.

Write to the end. Even a short story can have a market. There are TONS of short story competitions, magazines, and places to submit them.

2. Trade critiques with another writer

I know how valuable this is. I won a writing competition because I had others critique my work and I listened to them to make it awesome. I will most likely go back to Critique Circle and begin working there.

Trading Beta Readers is also a great way to build a launch team for your book. Anyone who Beta Read it might be willing to review it for you on Amazon and Goodreads and help you host a launch party.

3. Increase Your Marketing Platform

Brainstorm what you can do to add value to your book, book launch, readers, and email list. Mostly, write and get things out there. Create things to promote.

Ask what people like to read, to have, what questions they have that you might be able to answer. Give things away. Give answers away.

Have a website. Integrate it with social media as you see fit. Make it work for you by automatically posting across platforms.

What else? Comment below.

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