Language is a Virus, and A Poem

I have been looking for great websites for writing inspiration. In my search I have found some that list ideas, some that lean to spiritual energies, and one that really works for me.

Language is a Virus This site has fun generators for names, poetry, and ideas. I have looked at three tools and have had so much fun gathering ideas! Two lines (and Blu) inspired me to write a poem, and I posted it on my other blog, but I feel like sharing.

Missed Opportunity

There he stood
On the verandah
Looking for his date

There she stood
In the parlor
Nervously scouring the place

His best friend
Comes out to chat
Invites him to a game

She nods and greets
Looks about the scene
Thinks he’s not in this space

Deep bass booms, but not his heart
As he glances back
He missed his chance

She is with another guy
She takes the arm
The two begin to dance

Heartbroken, he loses the game
Prepares to leave
The dark sky brings rain

She sways and sighs
This is not the guy
For her love, her eyes strain

Also, I’m thinking about finding this book for inspiration. I even was able to comment on the writer’s blog and she quickly responded!

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